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Typically, Cranial 6 and 7 are the ones most effected by this syndrome, but in some cases other nerves are effected.  With Ozzie, we don’t really know the exact state of all of his cranial nerves.  They could be weak, or malformed, or missing entirely.

For him, he has NO outward movement of the eyes, at all (Cranial 6) .  He has no movement in his face surrounding his eyes, but he’s been showing movement in his face around his mouth (Cranial 7), even developing his own brand of cheeky grin!  So cute.

We don’t know for sure about Cranial Nerves 9, 10, and 12 – but we do know that he has issues with speech, swallowing, gag reflex, and tongue movement, so those nerves are not missing entirely, but not 100% either.

Someone posted this on the Moebius support page on Facebook.  I just thought it was really cool…

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